How to Potty Train an American Bully Puppy?

Dog owners have a lot of things to teach their new puppies. Teaching tricks, manners, and behaviors can be time-consuming but also rewarding. Potty training is one of the most important things you will need to do with your new American Bully puppy or another bully breed. Puppies have small bladders and can’t hold their urine for very long. The key to potty training success is patience and consistency.

Are you worried about potty training your American Bully?

Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to potty train the American Bully puppy that is sure to help you succeed.

Follow our simple tips, and you’ll have your pup potty trained in no time!

What is Potty Training, and Why is it Important?

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Potty training is teaching your puppy where and when it is appropriate to relieve themselves. This includes both eliminating (urinating and defecating) and urination.

It is important because it teaches your American bully bladder and bowel control. This vital life skill will make your American bully more comfortable and less stressed in indoor and outdoor environments.

In addition, it helps to prevent accidents in the home. A well-trained puppy is less likely to have accidents indoors, saving you time and money cleaning up messes.

Last, but not least, it’s essential for your American Bully’s health. A dog who eliminates indoors is more likely to develop medical problems associated with poor hygiene, such as UTIs and other infections.

When to Start Potty Training your American Bully?

The best time to start potty training your American Bully is when they are between eight and twelve weeks old, which is also the ideal time for other giant dog breeds like Staffordshire bull terrier. Bully puppies this age can usually control their bladder and bowels for short periods.

Do not rush the process. If you start training too early, your puppy may not be developmentally ready, and the process will take longer. In addition, starting too early can result in accidents and setbacks.

Have patience and be prepared to devote several weeks to the training sessions process. Like most things in life, it takes time, patience, and consistency to be successful.

Things you need in Potty Training your American Bully

Before you start potty training your American Bully, there are a few things you will need:

  • A designated elimination area can be either an indoor or outdoor potty spot. If you are training an indoor dog, we recommend using a small patch of grass or astroturf. For an outdoor dog, choose an area away from high traffic areas and easy to clean.
  • Potty training pads: These are absorbent mat that goes over your designated elimination area. They are helpful for puppies who are being potty trained indoors or in cold weather.
  • Crate: A crate is a small, enclosed space that your puppy can call its own. Crates are useful because they help your puppy learn bladder and bowel control.
  • Treats: Choose small, soft treats that your puppy loves. It is a positive reinforcement process, so you will want to have treats on hand to reward your puppy when they eliminate in the designated area.
  • Leash: A leash takes your puppy to its designated elimination area. It is essential to use a leash during training so that you can better control where your puppy goes.

Things you need to avoid in Potty Training your American Bully

There are a few things you will want to avoid during this training:

  • Punishing your puppy: Punishing your puppy will only make the process longer and more complex. If your puppy has an accident, simply clean it up and move on.
  • Yelling or hitting: Yelling or hitting your puppy is never acceptable. It is ineffective, but it will also damage your relationship with your puppy.
  • Ignoring good behavior: Be sure to praise your puppy when they are eliminated in the designated area. This will reinforce the desired behavior and makes this more enjoyable for both of you.

Tips for an Effective Potty Training Routine

Now that you know what you need and what to avoid, here are a few tips to do potty training as smooth and stress-free as possible:

Take your puppy to the designated potty spot frequently

The more times you take your puppy to the potty spot, the more likely they are to succeed. We recommend taking your puppy to the potty spot every hour and first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and after meals.

It is recommended that you take your puppy to the potty spot after:

  • Waking up from a nap
  • Playing
  • Eating or drinking
  • Being left alone for an extended period

Be consistent

It requires consistency from you and everyone in your household. Everyone should be using the exact words to cue your puppy (e.g., “go potty”) and take them to the same spot each time.

If you and your family members use different words or take your puppy to other spots, it will only confuse your puppy and make the process longer.

Feed your American Bully puppy on a schedule

A regular feeding schedule will help you predict when your puppy needs to eliminate. We recommend feeding your puppy three times a day, with each meal spaced out by about four hours.

Feeding them on a schedule will also help you create a potty break schedule (e.g., taking them to the potty spot every hour).

Reward good behavior and ignore bad behavior

As we mentioned before, potty training is a positive reinforcement process. This means that you should praise and reward your puppy with tasty treats in the designated area and ignore them when they have an accident.

Puppies are attracted to attention, so if you scold them when they have an accident, they will only associate eliminating with getting your attention – not with the desired behavior of stopping in the designated area.

Practice Crate Training

Crate training is a useful tool because it helps your puppy learn bladder and bowel control.

We recommend starting with short crate training sessions (e.g., five minutes) and slowly increasing the length of time as your puppy becomes more comfortable.

If you need to leave your puppy home alone for an extended period, crate training will help prevent accidents.

Be patient

Potty training takes time, patience, and consistency to be successful. Do not expect your puppy to be fully trained overnight. Most puppies need several weeks (or even months) of consistency before they are fully reliable.

If you are feeling frustrated, take a break and try again later. Potty training is a process, so give yourself and your puppy some grace.

American Bully puppies are intelligent and eager to please, making them easy to potty train. With patience and consistency, you will have your puppy potty trained!

Basic Obedience Commands

Giving basic commands or cues to your American Bully puppy for training is vital to help them understand what is expected of them. Some suggested commands or signals are:

“Go Potty”

“Hurry Up”

“Get Busy”

Remember to be consistent with the commands or cues you use so your puppy doesn’t get confused. Try a shorter version of the order or cue if your puppy is not responding. For example, if you use the cue “go potty,” you can try “potty.”

It is also helpful to use a happy and excited tone of voice when giving the command or cue. This will help your puppy associate the desired behavior with positive reinforcement.

Possible Problems with Potty Training and How to Solve Them

There are a few possible problems you may encounter while going through the process of your American Bully puppy. Below are some tips on how to solve them:

Problem: Your puppy is not going potty in the designated area.

Solution: Try bringing your puppy to the potty spot more frequently. If you are using a schedule, try taking them every 30 minutes instead of every hour using a program. You may also need to increase the number of potty breaks during the day.

Problem: Your puppy is having accidents in the house.

Solution: Review your training routine and ensure you are it. It is also possible that your puppy is not getting enough exercise. Try increasing the amount of time you spend playing with your puppy or taking them on walks.

Problem: Your puppy is afraid of the potty spot.

Solution: Try making the potty spot more inviting by adding some of their favorite toys or treats. You can also use a leash to lead them to the potty spot instead of carrying them.

Problem: You are not seeing any progress with potty training.

Solution: Try keeping a journal to track your puppy’s accidents and successes. This will help you see if there is a pattern emerging. It is also essential to be patient and consistent with your potty routine. Most puppies need several weeks (or even months) of consistent training before they are fully reliable.

Tips in Keeping Potty Training Fun for Your American Bully

It can be tiring and frustrating for both you and your puppy. However, there are some things you can do to make it more fun for everyone involved:

Get them a potty seat that is comfortable for them

Having a comfortable potty seat will make it more likely for your puppy to want to use the potty. You can also add a few toys or treats to the potty area to make it more inviting. A potty pad can also help get your puppy used to going potty inside.

Let them run around and play after a successful potty session

This will help your puppy associate the act of going potty with something positive. They will feel happy and excited after a successful potty session if they know they get to play afterward.

Make sure they have plenty of water during potty training

This will help prevent accidents by ensuring your puppy’s bladder is not too full. You can also try adding a few drops of lemon juice to their water to make it more refreshing.

Signs that your Potty Training has been Successful

It is a process, and it can take some time for your puppy to get the hang of it. However, some signs indicate that your puppy is making progress:

They are having fewer accidents inside

This is one of the most apparent signs that the training is going well. If your puppy has fewer accidents inside, it means they are learning to hold it and are becoming more aware of when they need to go.

They go to the bathroom more often outside.

If your puppy is going to the bathroom more often outside, they are starting to understand that this is where they should relieve themselves. This is a good sign that they are making progress.

They are not trying to sneak off to the bathroom.

When puppies are first learning to potty train, they often try to sneak off to the bathroom to avoid getting caught. If your puppy is no longer trying to sneak off, they are more comfortable going in front of you and are less likely to have accidents.

They are asking to go outside.

One of the most encouraging signs that your puppy is getting the hang of the training is when they start to ask to go outside. This means they are beginning to understand that this is where they should relieve themselves. If your puppy starts doing this, it is a good sign that everything is going well.

Other Tricks you can teach to your American Bully.

While you have your puppy’s attention during potty training, you can also teach them some other tricks. These tricks will not only be fun for your puppy but will also help build their confidence:

Teach them how to sit

Sit is one of the easiest tricks to teach and is an excellent foundation for other tricks. You can maximize this trick-learning time by training your puppy to sit before each meal or potty break.

To teach them how to sit, start by holding a treat close to their nose. Then, lift the treat up and backward so that their bottom sinks into a sitting position. As they follow the treat with their eyes, say “sit” clearly.

Do this several times a day until your puppy consistently sits on cue. Then, you can start adding in distractions, like another person or toy.

Teach them how to stay

This trick is useful when you need your puppy to stay in one spot for some time. It can be helpful during mealtimes or when you are getting ready to leave the house.

To teach them to stay, start by having your puppy sit or lie down. Then, take a step back while saying “stay” clearly. If they remain in position, give them a treat and praise them. If they get up, reset and try again.

Teaching them how to stay is a process of baby steps. Start by having them stay for just a few seconds and gradually increase their time to wait.

Teach them how to lie down

This trick is a great way to help your puppy relax. It can also be used as an emergency brake if they get too excited and jump around.

To teach your puppy to lie down, start by having them sit. Then, hold a treat close to their nose and slowly lower it to the ground while saying “lie down” clearly. As they follow the treat with their eyes, their body should lower into a lying position.

If they do not lie down all the way, you can help them by gently pushing down on their shoulders. Once they are lying, give them the treat and praise them. Start with just a few repetitions and gradually increase as your puppy gets better at the trick.

Teach them how to come when called

This trick is essential for both safety and obedience. It can be helpful if your puppy ever gets loose or if you need them to come to you in a crowded place.

To teach your puppy to come when called, start by putting them on a leash. Then, walk away while saying their name and “come” in a happy voice. If they come toward you, give them a treat and praise them.

If they do not come toward you, gently tug on the leash while saying their name and “come” again.


Here is a compilation of some frequently asked questions about potty training American bully puppies:

Q: What if my American Bully puppy has accidents or poops in the house?

A: If your puppy has an accident in the house, do not scold them. This will only make them scared of you and less likely to want to potty train. Instead, clean up the mess and continue with your regular training routine. House training sessions must be consistent for your puppy to learn.

Q: My American Bully puppy is taking a long time to potty train. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

A: It takes time and patience. There are no shortcuts when it comes to training your American bully. Be consistent with your routine and praise your puppy when they go potty outside. Eventually, they will get the hang of it.

Q: What if my American Bully puppy doesn’t want to potty train?

A: If your bully pup is resistant to potty training, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure that you use positive reinforcement and praise when they go potty outside. Second, try using a different type of treat or toy as a reward. Third, make sure the area you are training in is quiet and free from distractions. If your puppy is still resistant, consult with a professional trainer or behaviorist for help.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the basics of how to potty train an American Bully dog, it’s time to get started. The sooner you start, the sooner your little one will be successfully potty trained. The tips we shared might also work on several dog breeds. Be consistent with your training, and positive reinforcement will go a long way. Good luck and happy potty training!

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