American bully versus American bulldog: What is the difference?

Have you been confusing these dog breeds for each other? Well, you are not alone because many people have. However, if you are considering getting an American Bully or an American Bulldog, it is vital to know the difference between the breeds. Generally, both dogs are solid and muscular, but there are some notable differences between them.

american bulldog and american bully

This article will help you identify the difference between the American Bulldog and the American Bully. When you finish reading, you will never mistake one for the other again. 


Do you know the difference between an American bully and an American bulldog?


The differences are in appearance, size, coat, weight, temperament, and other features, which we will discuss soon. For one, American Bullies are bred specifically for their looks, while American Bulldogs were originally bred for work. Also, American Bulldogs tend to be much larger than American Bully.


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What is an American Bully?

American Bullies are a relatively new breed of dog developed in the United States in the 1990s. They are a hybrid cross between American Bulldogs and other bully breeds, including the American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Boxers.


The American Bully was originally a show dog and is bred to have an even temperament, athleticism, and a muscular body type. They are usually medium to large and come in various colors and patterns.


American Bullies are often friendly and sociable canines who develop strong bonds with their owners. They are also extraordinarily trainable and make great companion dogs for active families. However, like all dogs, they need to be proper, and early socialization is key to getting them to behave perfectly. With the appropriate care and training, American Bullies can make excellent companions!


American Bulldogs


The American Bulldog Breeds have a long and storied history. They were initially bred in England to work on farms, particularly as a guard and hunting dogs. They demonstrate strength, endurance, agility, and a friendly attitude. It is the descendant of the English Bulldog, which was already in America as early as the 17th century.


The breed largely survived in southern states due to its ability to bring down and catch feral pigs. They are considered a rare breed and can make excellent family pets.


American Bulldogs are highly loyal and protective of their owners and families. They must also be trained and socialized early to ensure they remain friendly around people and other animals. With the proper training, American Bulldogs can make good companion dogs for families or individuals.


American Bully Vs. American Bulldog: The Comparison


Comparing these two breeds side-by-side, there are some significant differences. Despite the key differences, they also have a few things in common. They both have robust frames and boxy skulls.


Let us see the key differences between these breeds to see what will best fit you and your family.


Key Differences between American Bully & American Bulldog





  • The Female American Bully reaches 16 to 19 inches tall, and a standard male is typically 17 to 20 inches tall.
  • The American Bulldog is a taller breed than the American Bully. Male American Bulldogs can reach a height of about 20 to 28 inches, and females can reach a height of 20 to 24 inches.



  • American Bulldog weighs between 70 to 120 pounds, with slight variations depending on the sex.
  • The American Bully weighs up to 110 pounds. It is a medium-sized dog with a strong frame and compact body. The weight of the American Bully also varies according to sex and type. The types include Pocket, Classic, Standard, and XL.


Coat Type

  • American Bully has a short, close, stiff-to-touch, and glossy coat. It has less shedding than the American Bulldog. While the American bulldog has a short coat and looser skin, giving it a different hair appearance and feel.
  • Both breeds have an easy-to-care-for coat and rarely require professional grooming.



  • American Bulldogs often come in several colors. They usually have a bicolor brindle, black, brown, white, or chocolate color.
  • The American Bully coat color is usually a mix of two or three colors: white, fawn, stripe, black, grey, Brown, Blue, etc.





  • The American Bully is a well-mannered dog. Despite intimidating strong their appearance, they are cheerful and outgoing. They make very friendly and loyal household pets. 
  • American Bulldogs are highly loyal and protective of their owners but can be aggressive and territorial if not properly socialized. It has a stubborn, rugged quality, but they are intelligent and friendly family guardians. They need consistent training to be a well-mannered companion. Remember, they are not violent and require a lot of activity and attention.



  •  American Bulldogs require a lot of patience and consistency to learn basic obedience commands quickly. They need a lot of physical activities because they are energetic and active. However, due to some of their characteristics, they are hard to train. Despite being intelligent and adorable, they are sometimes stubborn and insistent, so a professional dog trainer may be needed to help you.


  • American Bully is very trainable; obedient dogs enjoy regular riding, running, and swimming. They quickly learn basic commands like sit, come, and stay but need a consistent approach to comprehend complex commands. American Bullies need positive reinforcement when training. They need an owner who is consistent with their orders, and it is no problem because they are always eager to please people when prepared correctly. Their intelligence and ability to learn a wide range of tricks make them the right choice for owners willing to devote some time and patience.


Health Factors


Life Expectancy

  • An American Bully dog’s average life span is about 10-13 years, and it can live for another few more years if you look after them properly. A healthy and loving environment is some of the factors that help to increase the life of an American bully.
  • An American Bulldog’s life expectancy is between 10 and 15 years when cared for properly. With a balanced diet, enough exercise, and regular visits to the vet, they should have no problem reaching this age or beyond. They are a healthy breed and don’t suffer from any genetic diseases.


Health Problems

  • Most American bulldog’s health problems are obesity, overheating, allergies, and vision problems. They are prone to skin allergies, thyroid problems, and ear infections. In addition, American Bulldogs are prone to joint and muscular injuries due to their large size.
  • American bullies are usually relatively healthy but can suffer from hip dysplasia, obesity, elbow dysplasia, skin issues, and other minor health problems. They should be checked regularly by a vet, and their diet should be monitored to ensure they get the proper nutrition.


Both breeds can live healthy and energetic lives if adequately trained and nurtured. Proper training optimizes their personalities, helping them to be fantastic social companions for the family. They are both intelligent and enjoy physical activities. 


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Tips for Taking Care of Your American Bully or American Bulldog


No matter which breed you choose, taking good care of your dog is essential. To help you in your journey of pet parenting, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:



Exercise is essential for both breeds and should be done regularly. It helps them stay healthy and fit while also preventing boredom.



A balanced diet is vital for any dog, regardless of the breed. Ensure your pup has access to a healthy diet with all the necessary nutrients.



Regular grooming helps keep your dog looking its best and eliminates parasites or other skin conditions your pup may have.



Getting your pup used to people and other animals is vital for its development. Socializing them helps make them well-rounded, confident dogs who can handle anything life throws at them.


Health Care

Taking your pup to the veterinarian regularly is essential in keeping it healthy and catching any potential health issues.


Your love and attention

Most importantly, make sure your pup gets enough love and attention. Dogs are social creatures and need to feel secure in their environment. Spend time with your dog daily and show it how much you care!


By following these tips and taking good care of your pup, you can ensure a long life filled with love and happiness for you and your pet. So, go ahead – start exploring the world of American Bulldogs and Bullies! You won’t regret it!


Frequently Asked Questions about American bully versus American bulldog: What is the difference?


Q: What is the main difference between American Bully and American Bulldog?

A: The main difference between American Bully and American Bulldog is size. American Bullies are typically shorter than American Bulldogs, with a shorter muzzle. 


Q: How can I tell the difference between an American Bully and an American Bulldog?

A: The easiest way to tell the difference is by size. You can also observe the coat’s texture and color.


Q: Are there any health concerns to be aware of when considering either breed?

A: Yes, both breeds are prone to specific health issues. American Bulldogs are especially prone to hip dysplasia, other joint problems, and eye diseases. American Bullies may have thyroid, dental or skin issues. It’s essential to research these issues before getting either breed of dog so that you know what to expect.


Final Thoughts

While both American Bullies and American Bulldogs share some commonalities, there are several key differences between the breeds. Size is the most obvious difference, with American Bulldogs typically much more extensive and taller than their Bully cousins. The fur, head shape, and temperament are also important markers. 


They can both make good family pets, so whichever breed you choose, please research beforehand to ensure they’ll be a good fit for your lifestyle and personality well. This article has helped provide you with a better understanding of American Bulldogs and American Bully! 

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